My Story

About Me

I always felt like my flaws disqualified me from sharing parts of my story, but I’m growing to understand certain experiences and lessons learned were not just for me.

A big focus for me has become relationships. As God has worked in my life, I’ve realized the value and need for healthy relationships, including the one I have with Jesus and my relationship with myself.

So that’s what this blog is about.

  • lessons learned from a relationship with Jesus
  • tools to evaluate your current relationships and grow wholesome new ones
  • ways to build a stronger relationship with yourself and be the healthiest version of yourself

I’ve utilized several great resources in my walk and at times I’ve made my own. Here on the blog, I’ll share all that and more. Fair warning, I’m a fan of action steps and putting things into practice. So hopefully you leave challenged and encouraged.

Writing has always been therapeutic and enjoyable but I strayed from it for a while. My blog is one way I’m getting back to it. I want other women to know they aren’t alone in the journey. Some days and some weeks are hard, but strength and grace will sustain you for the journey. I see this as a way for us to journey together in a sense.

-with Jackie Nicole

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