50+ Life Improving and Faith Building Habits

Ever so often, it’s important to consider if your habits are creating the life you desire or if you have habits that no longer serve you well. I hope this list re-enforces some of the healthiest habits and introduces a few that you haven’t considered. Let’s start with habits many don’t consider.

Overlooked habits

These habits relate to checking in on people you care about. If no one comes to mind or even if several did, that leads to the first healthy habit. 

Find a community. Even finding one person you talk to regularly can pick up your spirits. It’s all about connecting. This is often overlooked as something that can bring so much value and joy to your life. There truly is a place for everyone to love and be loved.

Talk to friends/family. How often do you say “we have to catch up” to friends and family? Make this a goal to include your loved ones into your life and to prioritize speaking regularly. Don’t worry about finding the “best” time – give them a call or shoot them a text. At least they’ll know you’re thinking about them.

Send an encouraging message or share a funny memory. The next time you hear an encouraging message, think about who else might need to hear it. Pay attention to when people that you care about come to mind. Make it a priority to reach out to them more and don’t let busy schedules be the reason you don’t talk.*

Engage with other living creatures. Some people really love being around animals. If you don’t have the ability to own an animal, consider volunteering at an animal shelter or somewhere you can play and help with them. Get in the habit of doing that weekly if you can. 

Celebrate the small wins (and of course the big ones too). Finished everything on your to-do list? Celebrate! Made a tasty dinner? Celebrate that too. Be in the habit of getting excited about your accomplishments, big and small. You can even create an accomplishments board or journal as a reminder if you really want to go all out.

*This suggestion is assuming you are in a healthy relationship with the person in mind. Be careful of reaching out to someone that you are not in a good place with.

Habits many people avoid but shouldn’t

Flossing daily. If you aren’t flossing, more food and plaque is staying in your teeth and gum line – it’s just a fact. That plaque and food can cause tooth decay AND bad breath. Flossing regularly helps with fresher breath and oral health.

Taking out the trash (every few days if there’s food and at least once a week for bathroom trash). Even if the trash isn’t completely full, it’s necessary to remove it often. This helps eliminate the chance of unpleasant guests and unpleasant odors.

Create a budget and make sure to review it often. Think about how you can include money to give to the less fortunate and budget your tithes (giving back to God is an act of faith that you trust Him with your finances).

Save a portion of your income. After you create your budget and have an idea of how much disposable income you have, save a certain amount or percentage each month. Set the money aside FIRST when you get paid. There are so many bills you have to pay, I’m sure, but think of this as paying yourself.

Clean cabinets and walls. Dust and dirt can collect everywhere in our homes. Even if they “look” clean, putting some soap and water on them, will ensure they get the maintenance they need. Walls need cleaning less frequently, but cabinets should at least be in your monthly routine.

Get annual check-ups to check on overall health and ensure there is nothing that needs immediate addressing.

Plan your day the night before. This includes setting out clothes and making sure you have meals and snacks prepped. You’ll notice you reach for less of what you don’t need when you plan ahead.

Feel good habits

Get a monthly massage (or use massage gun) to relieve pressure in your body.

Regularly take deep breaths – it’s a great relaxation technique and can improve overall health. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply right now and feel the immediate relief 🙂

Stretch daily to stay limber and to help prevent injuries. Commit to this for even two weeks and you’ll start to feel the difference. Try it!

Get steps in – walking daily improves heart health and can even help with your immune system. There are so many other benefits including just feeling better overall and better sleep. People underestimate the power of walking to also help with weight-loss and weight-maintenance.

Stick to a daily/weekly hair care routine because you know what they say, “look good, feel good” and a good routine can reduce hair loss and help with length retention.

Trim hair regularly to avoid split ends and have a well-manicured look.

Get 6-8 hours of sleep. Try to go to bed around the same time each day and wake up around the same time. Figure out your “sweet spot” and you’ll feel more rested and energized each day.

Make your bed when you first wake up – it sets the tone for accomplishing tasks first thing in the morning and it immediately makes your room look more put together.

Read (whether it’s fiction or nonfiction) to stimulate your brain and as a way to take a break from phones, computers and the like. Be mindful of the type of content and how it makes you feel, but find what interests you! There are so many unique genres so there’s something out there for everyone. Consider an app like Libby to borrow free books (library card needed but these are also free at your local library).

Break hard tasks down – When a task feels hard, write down the steps to achieve the task and do the task step by step. Think of each small step as a win to stay encouraged and keep going.

Write a dump list – when several thoughts are taking over your mind, write it all out quickly so you can then focus on one thing at a time. This can be an immediate stress reliever.

Safe space habits

Practice positive self-talk to reduce stress and create better outlooks on life. Make sure you are a safe space for yourself and that starts with your thoughts.

Say affirmations to boost your confidence and stay motivated.

Engage in peaceful/restful activities – there is no award for always being busy. Finding rest will improve your emotional well-being. Some examples include coloring, trying a new recipe, creating a flower arrangement, and making a photo book.

Add cool colors to your decor and wardrobe. Colors can evoke certain emotions and cool colors like green and blue are often linked to feelings of calm and peace.

Wash dishes daily – having a clean space is far more enjoyable and comfortable to be in and can even help with increasing creativity 

Dust/vacuum once or twice a week. This can help eliminate allergens and helps keep your space tidy.

Sanitize door knobs, handles and light switches often to reduce spreading germs.

Get some sunlight. Find a place you like to go that’s outside in nature.

Increased health and hygiene habits

Drink 8 glasses of water. This is a good minimum, but if you are still feeling dehydrated it’s good to add in more.

Eat fruits and veggies daily. Buy the fruits and veggies that you like and are craving that week. This will heavily increase your odds of eating them. Prep them and have them in an obvious spot in the fridge.

Take vitamins – to be sure what your body needs, it is wise to consult a doctor.

Brush teeth twice a day – this is a given, but be honest and think about how often you miss a day? Keep this as a habit in your daily routine and see the dental hygiene benefits. 

Drink warm lemon water or tea.

Take a bath regularly – a hot bath a few times a week between showers can be super relaxing and can gently exfoliate skin.

Give yourself manicures (or go to the salon) to enhance nail appearance and for healthier nails that break and crack less.

Give yourself pedicures (or go to the salon).

Exfoliate feet if pedicures aren’t your thing – this can improve dry and cracking feet and improve how you feel when you walk.

Exfoliate full body regularly to remove dead skin and dirt as well as to increase skin moisture retention.

Shower daily.

Faith habits

Combat negative and impure thoughts immediately. Be an active participant in the renewal of your mind. Pray honest prayers and ask God to renew your thoughts.

Have moments of rest scheduled into your days and weeks. Take note of what causes stress or unease and what actually feels like God’s peace resting on you. When you are walking in purpose and in God’s will, you will walk in greater rest.

Pray and pray with expectancy of good things to come.

Say a scripture aloud (memorize) and in a time of trouble this will help you recall truth and in general this will benefit your walk with Christ.

Keep a gratitude journal – each day write what you are thankful for and you’ll see how much gratitude increases your happiness.

Play uplifting music and praise music. We are inundated with so much unfruitful music on social media, in television shows, and even just walking into stores. Choosing to listen to music that refocuses your mind is powerful.

Audit the things you listen to and watch and think about the influence they are having on your mood, relationship with God, and overall health.

Find uplifting shows and media and reduce the time spent engaged with media that dampens your mood. If you feel convicted by anything, maybe this is your sign and reminder to stop watching or listening to those things.

Invite God into your day to better learn to depend and trust in Him.


These are habits that are helpful no matter what your goals are for life. These are healthy habits that will help you feel great for whatever your endeavors are. Consider which habits you want to add to your routine. Once you have them down, it’s also good to consider what habits you’ll need for specific goals. 

Remember that your habits play a huge part in the life that you create. This blog included many healthy habits to help improve your life.

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